ABC Volleybal, Ladies 3 team,

Since season 2019-2020 I have the privilege being trainer/coach of our ladies 3 team.

We started full of enthusiasm with training and playing our first matches. Unfortunately Covid came, and before we knew it everything came to a halt. Besides for a few trainings at the end the season, we couldn't do much. 2021-2022 was a new start with a slightly different team, but with the same drive to learn, eager to play matches, laugh and have fun together....

The team is eager to put in the effort to get to know every ones role, positions and techniques to play a nice game of volleyball. And because of this effort, we get positive results from working as a team! In the NUVOC competition we are currently ranked at the top of our division (3b), which is compliment to the ladies. Besides volleyball stuff, we also have time for social events which is nice to learn about each other’s background and interests. The nice thing about this team, and in general ABC club, is that we have an international setting. Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Columbian, Swaziland we have it all, and yes, also Dutch ladies are part of our team of course! :) We are happy with the mix and fun we are able to have together.

Unfortunately Covid didn't leave us completely this season, and we had another break in November and December due to the lockdown. Now, February 2022 we are back in action! Training and playing matches again, trying to catch-up matches we missed, all of it with a high level of drive and enthusiasm. Great to be part of this team!